Friday, April 18, 2014

spotlight on stickers: Easter card

Welcome to my new series called "Spotlight on Stickers." This will be just the push I need to make me use my stash.
I still really like stickers and I'm not ashamed to admit that. Judging by the comments I've do too!
By the way, thanks for all the great comments about my layout with stickers I posted earlier this week.

Anytime I make a layout, I really like to use what's left on my desk to whip up a card.
Since I'm giving my daughter a basket full of goodies this Easter Sunday, I thought a card to go with it would be cute.
I had already cut a strip off the dot paper so I didn't mind cutting into it a bit more.
I found a white card base and looked over the sticker sheet to think about what the card could say.
I'm not a fan of cards that "say nothing" either on the front or the inside. I see that a lot. I want mine to really make sense.
I decided to use the other bunny sticker and make it say "some bunny loves you."

I started by measuring the card's 4" wide by 5.5" tall. I knew that but I checked to make sure.
Then I cut down the dot paper to the same size and adhered it to the front....
 I think that dot paper is very old Pebbles but it matches the Doodlebug stickers well.

When I make a card - I like to just pull it together quickly so I looked around at what was already cut on my desk from the layout.
I saw this piece of white paper and laid it out, thinking it would work...
I chuckled because I then realized it was actually a piece of purple paper turned over.
So I turned it to the right side and laid it down to eyeball where I might cut it and make a pencil mark.
I wanted the dot to really show so I made the purple small. Plus, the less space I have to fill up, the easier it is!
I didn't think my stickers would show up great against purple so I looked around my desk for some left-over white cardstock.
I found a piece, cut it to the right width and laid it on to make a tick mark for the height. I rarely measure when making cards. I make tick marks.
(Shocking, I know, since I am the queen of measuring everything on my layouts.)
To make my sentiment, I needed letter stickers. Thankfully I have a huge bin waiting to be used!
I went through and pulled out all the Doodlebug sheets I could find with purple and pink...
I started laying the letter stickers down using my new technique - a post it note for perfect placement!
As you can see, I'm using a large post-it and I line the left side up with the left side of the card to give myself a completely straight line.
Then I smooth the sticky part of the post it down very firmly so I have a little edge to rest the letter stickers on.
Once I have them perfectly placed, I pull the post-it up and laying the non-sticky part on top, I rub over the stickers to make them stay.

I really wanted the bunny to pop off the card so I added two thick foam pop-dots on the back.
But first, I made it less tacky by rubbing it on my pajama pants to add a thin layer of fuzz.
(I really dress up to scrapbook.)

I love how much it pops with those two pieces of foam!
I ran out of pink and purple letter stickers so I looked for another sheet of Doodlebug and voila! Good thing I hoarded these for years.
Here's how it turned out....
side view....
and inside it completes the phrase, "some bunny loves you...."
I think it will make my girlie smile.

Have you made any Easter cards? Making cards is a great way to use up supplies, like stickers, that don't quite meet our standards for layouts.
I challenge you to make something this weekend using old product and especially stickers. Link me to it!

Happy Good Friday and Easter weekend. I'm looking forward to celebrating it!

PS: If you'd like to pin this post so you
can remember how to line up letter's an image perfect for
pinning that will direct you to this post!
Thanks so much!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm bringin' stickers back.

I joked one time that I want to do a funny video with me singing a song to the tune of "I'm Bringin' Sexy Back" but I would change the lyrics to "I'm Bringin' Stickers Back."
Can't you hear it?

I'm bringin' stickers back.
Them other scrappers don't know how to act.
They're thinkin' stickers be all full of crap.
I really hate it that they get a bad rap.

JT ain't got nothin' on me! (I loves me some JT.)

Seriously this week's ScrapGals podcast, we discussed theme scrapping so it inspired me to break out some stickers!!
Heaven knows I have plenty of holiday photos to scrap!
I chose a set based on the quality of the photos.

With Easter being the obvious upcoming holiday - I pulled out my very small stash....
I found some cute Pebbles Easter embellies that aren't stickers but I thought I might use them.
I tried to picture how I would place them but they just seemed so plain.
Meh. I just wasn't feeling it.
So I decided to go with the very glittery Doodlebug sheet. I have always loved Doodlebug stickers.

I am on a grid/linear layout kick so I thought, what the heck, just go with what I know. I cut one photo down to 4x4 to get this...
I adhered them to a piece of cheap white cardstock so I could place them on a variety of patterns to see which I liked best.
Then, strangely enough, I cut a piece of thicker white cardstock and adhered it for my title.
I used the sticker sheet to create my title and added a couple butterflies on pop dots for interest plus a tiny strip of polka dot.

Here's how the layout turned out...
I am not a big fan of purple but it just seemed to work here so I found a subtle background piece and a more solid for journaling.
I used one more of the stickers added to a pennant tag for fun in the top corner...
I really wanted to pile on the stickers and use a ton of them but I just couldn't make it work.
I think subtle is best when using stickers. A few go a long way.

Here's a close up of the journaling. I couldn't think of what to say since this was from 2007 and I had this long area for journaling.
Thankfully, Caroline came in the room and told me her memories of it so that helped me write this much...
Just one last note...before I decided what pics of Easter I would scrap, I looked through all my albums to see what I had already done.
I found that I had scrapped about four Easter pages but none past 2006. I have multiple photos from each year.
Photos of the basket, her Easter dress, the egg hunt and sometimes a play at church.

So for each year I haven't scrapped, there's like four sets of pictures per year? Whew! Not a good realization since this is 2014!
That's like 30+ layouts I need to do. I will just have to do them when the mood strikes me, I guess.
At least this is a step in the right direction!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

start with the story: for the record

I was looking through my thousands of pictures this weekend and pondering what I could make a page about.
I came across this photo of Caroline and me bowling with friends.
I thought, "Will I make a page about us bowling?" "Nope. Probably not." I decided.
I sat it aside and then saw a random picture I had taken of Caroline and her daddy, one day at lunch.
The two pictures together told a whole new story in my head...
the story of how Caroline is mostly like Mike and a little like me.

I decided to use Project Life cards so I leafed through them until I saw the perfect one - it said "For the Record."
As in, for the record, this is how my daughter is like me and like her father. Perfect title.
All I had to do from there was put it together, type the journaling and embellish.

I'm on a white background kick but I'm just going with it. Everything looks better against white.
This layout makes me so happy! I love how it came together and it tells an important story. Yay!
I didn't scraplift this but I did look through Pinterest first and left there feeling inspired to do a grid layout.

In my pink color bin, I saw this little girl chipboard piece I've had forever and thought it went well with a story about my sweet girl.
Those are two different lines of paper with the blue background but they just happened to work together well.
I didn't even match the photos to the paper, I just chose some paper I liked because the photos have a multitude of colors.
I'm getting less matchy-matchy in my scrapbooking. Maybe from working on Project Life.
In PL, I pull together a month's worth of colorful photos by using coordinating products so I did the same here!

Here's a closer look at the journaling...

I'm obsessed with this typewriter font right now - Typenoksidi sized to 11 points.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm getting ready to start a layout now using themed products - maybe even stickers!

Now GO AND BE CRAFTY! (Which, by the way, is what my husband says now when he leaves the house. He loves to make me laugh.)

Monday, April 14, 2014

how about a little unsolicited advice?

This week's ScrapGals podcast is comprised of interesting threads Tiffany and I found on the Two Peas message board.
No one asked for our opinion but we gave it anyway!
We're talking about a whole heap of scrappy goodness in this one so check it out at Podomatic here
or catch us on iTunes or listen on this player.....

I'm working on a couple layouts to share tomorrow so check back soon!

Thanks for listening to the ScrapGals Podcast with Tiffany and Tracie!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

my scrappy motto

Today I've been working on an editorial calendar for my blog to go along with our upcoming podcasts.
I'm going to work hard to have layouts that represent all the ideas we generate during the shows.
I started to feel a bit overwhelmed by the long list of all the layouts and then I remembered what makes it easy for me. 
I just have to remember to...

That is totally my motto and has been for a while, actually. 
More than new product, stunning photos or a great layout to lift, the thought of telling my story is what inspires me.
I regularly sit and write random stories I want to record. I keep a Word document going for all these thoughts.

Today over dinner, I talked with my sister and made a timeline of some events that happened in my life.
In many ways, she is the keeper of my story because I have a lot of memory loss from a head injury as a child.

As we talked, I remembered some things I hadn't thought of in years that she had completely forgotten!
She said, "If you would talk about these things, maybe you would remember more of your life."
I said, "That's why I want to put all these memories in a scrapbook - so I will remember my life!"

That's just what I intend to do. This will be my most prolific year of scrapbooking ever. I'm determined to make it so.
I challenge you to do the same! Just start writing. Open a Word document or take out a fresh pad of paper and pen.
Pick a topic, like "childhood" and start writing all the things that come to mind. Just write. You can do your journaling list style.
A timely topic would be "memories of Easter." Once the writing is done, do the layout while it's fresh in your heart and mind.
I like recalling happy memories to write about and then I like to choose a layout to lift and pair it with my memories.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to do seven layouts & a mini-album & you bet your bottom dollar on all of them, I will start with the story!

Happy weekend peeps!

Friday, April 11, 2014

way cute

I just made this way cute 4x6 picture of all my daughter's favorite music!

I just found each image online, clicked "view image" and saved it.
Then I went to Picasa and cropped each image into a square.
Then I highlighted all 12 images and created a collage.
I'm making her a "13" mini-album, all about her 13th year. I'll be sharing it soon!
This is for the page about her love of music.

I was so in love with this, I made one for myself with all the tv shows I love and I'm going to do the same for movies and music!!

I put them on here in the order of how they come on during the week or how I watch them.
That little touch of neurotic organization of the images made me gleeful. ha-ha!

I had to change a few images out when the words were cut off or they looked pixelated but I think since the pics are so small, this will print fine. I'll let you know! I'm sending a Snapfish order off tomorrow.

I'm going to make a page about my love of television with this print. I love it!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

discovering the farm

I have been excited to tell this story to someone so I thought I'd share it with you, dear blog friends.
Seventeen years ago, my husband and I bought an acre of land on a quiet street with about fifteen houses on it.
Over time, the far end of the street has been filled with new homes but ours sits in the middle of the existing ones.
our house in 2004 (7 years old)

We chose the street because the homes were colonial in style and we wanted to build a colonial style house.
Also, we loved that the street backed up to a farm with a silo and roosters crowing in the early morn.

A fence was all that stood between us and the farm and in seventeen years, I have rarely walked to the back fence.
I tend to stick to the front yard and the driveway and the screened in porch.
our house in 2011 with new red shutters and a black door 

This weekend, my daughter excitedly told us that she and her friends who live in the new houses down the street found a creek.
She said the creek runs behind our house. Mike and I were skeptical because we'd never seen a creek.
Caroline insisted there was one and we said we would investigate. She decided to show us.
She walked to our back fence and discovered that it was open and you could walk right onto the farm!

I was just getting out of the car when she told me and I was SO EXCITED! I wanted to walk on that farm!
So off we went on an adventure, iPhone in hand to take pictures and see what was behind the fence!

Here's my view from the fence, looking towards my house. My house is on the left. This is at our property line.
Now you can see why I rarely walk to the fence - it's a long way!!!
See the fence on the right? I think our neighbor helped himself to the back fence to square his off.
Fine by me but that's why it's now open. He built his fence fairly recently.

Once over the threshold, I felt like Alice going down the rabbit hole. Welcome to the farm!
Can you see how happy this makes my kid? She loves to explore and be out in the country.

We walked down the fence line, behind our next door neighbor's house. We live one house over from a cul-de-sac and there it is...
It was so weird to see it from the other side!!! We always ride our bikes from our house over to the cul-de-sac and then circle around it.

Then we walked just about one acre from our house and sure enough, there was the creek!
What's even more amazing to me is the land as far as you see can past the creek. All farmland.
Caroline had on sequined sneakers and yet begged to go wading in it. I said, "No! Not in those shoes!"
There were already bugs swarming everywhere - like gnats maybe.
Now I'm a country girl at heart so my daughter can wade in the creek all she wants in proper attire, with a friend, of course.
I don't want her wandering back there alone and yes, I know there might be snakes. We have a lotta critters round here.

I love how life looks from the other side of the fence.
We have a fire pit all the way back at the fence and I've been wanting to have a party and make s'mores and hot dogs.
Now it seems more exciting just to walk back there!

Just had to share that with someone - it was a pretty monumental day for us!
The sad news is....the land has been sold and they are supposed to build about 2,000 homes there but it will be over the next 20 years.
So I guess we'll enjoy it while we can!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

scrapbooking your faith: a list of ideas

This week's ScrapGals podcast is all about scrapbooking your faith.
We veered off topic a time or two and in the end, I wasn't sure how much we had said that was actually scrapbook or faith related.
So I made a list.
(Don't you love a good list?)

I was amazed at how many ideas we actually came up with in the show! I sent the list off to Tiff so we could work on layouts.
Hoping the list will inspire you too, I thought I would share it.
Our ideas were specific to Tiffany and me so I'm going to list them in a more general way so you can see how they could spark an idea to scrap your own life. Some will be relatable and some will not, of course.

Off we go...
  1. a conversion of faith from one denomination to another and the story behind it
  2. photos of a baptism event
  3. the transformation or impact a faith event has had on your life
  4. a list of blessings in your life
  5. answered and unanswered prayers and why you're thankful for both
  6. your faith formation; how you came to believe what you currently believe
  7. growing up in faith; stories of going to church growing up (or not) and memories of family
  8. religious holidays and celebrations
  9. religious traditions, i.e. wearing an orchid to church on Easter 
  10. where you went on Easter growing up, what you did as a family
  11. favorite hymns or just songs you sing to your child
  12. issues you feel strongly about - politics - your stance and why you believe as you do
  13. how you've changed on issues
  14. things you value vs. issues that are not really on your radar
  15. a significant health scare and how your faith helped you overcome it
  16. mini album of life lessons - random lessons you've learned, numbered
  17. scary moments in your life; ghost stories; thoughts on the afterlife
  18. how you live now vs. how you were forced to be in a more structured religion growing up
  19. how your life is different than your parents from a faith perspective
  20. visiting friend's churches growing up and your thoughts on them
  21. Vacation Bible School as a child and memories of it
  22. how you find balance in life - include any part of it that is about faith
  23. literature we've read that has shaped our faith and beliefs
  24. favorite scriptures and how we stand on them 
  25. a snapshot of your church growing up or you now at your current church
Okay, so there's 25 great ideas to spark your scrapbooking about faith! I have to go get busy on a page of my own! 

If you haven't listened yet, catch us on iTunes or here's a link to this week's show on Podomatic or here's a player...

Friday, April 04, 2014

making a 4x4 picture on a 4x6 canvas in Picasa

Yesterday, someone asked how I print a 4x4 photo. Here's a quick and easy way to do it!

I own Photoshop but I'm too lazy to figure it out completely so I use Picasa (free to download).
One day I stumbled across a way to make a 4x4 print very easily! I was stoked.

Here's the deal. You can crop any photo to a 4x4 in any photo editing software, however, if you send it to be printed, most places will stretch your edited 4x4 to be a standard 4x6. I know there are a few places that will print a 4x4 with white on either side of it but I don't like the quality of printing of any of the places I've heard of that do that. (I think Walgreens?) So you need to fill up the space beside the 4x4 so that your image stays a square.

Here's how to do it in Picasa...

Open Picasa and find 3 photos you want to be 4x4. Crop each of them into a square. To do that, find a picture and double click it. The editing features will open on the left. Go to the crop feature...
on the drop-down menu, click Square: CD Cover...
move the square box up or down until you have the part selected you want in the apply and then save.

If you don't want to edit the images forever, click "save as" and make a new file. Now repeat this process two more times so you end up with 3 square photos. Or perhaps your photos are already square from Instagram so you can skip this step! 

Now, highlight those three square photos by holding down the CTRL button and clicking them...(see them highlighted in blue?)....

or you can drag and drop them into the photo tray at the bottom of the screen on the left...

Now, once you have them selected, go to Create on the Menu bar at the top...
Click "Picture Collage" and when that screens pops open, change the settings to be like this...
Make sure the type of collage is MOSAIC - the Page Format is a 4x6 small print and the orientation of the picture is horizontal/landscape by the little picture of a picture (bottom arrow).

Then click the button that says "create collage." It will look like this for a moment...

Then you will see your finished collage and you will find that collage in the file called Picasa, in a folder called Collages. 

Now here's the fun part. So that print above gives you one 4x4 and two 2x2's. Well now you can switch them so that another picture is 4x4. Let me show you. 

Once your collage is finished and "edit collage" at the top of the screen...
now you can click on either of the smaller pictures and drag them over to the area with the larger picture and boom - they're switched!
Now click "create collage" again! It will ask you "replace existing" or "create new" and you want to CREATE NEW.
Now repeat the process again for the third picture!

Once you do that, you will have three collages with three photos as a 4x4 and you can send them to the printer just like any other 4x6 picture.

Of course, you can take more time and do 3 different photos on each canvas if you want different photos in 2x2. Just remember, the key to this working is to always crop each photo into a square FIRST before you start the collage. It will not work if you don't.

Now a word.....a photo with a border around it like the one above of my daughter/sister does not print as well. Sometimes part of the border gets cut off. So I have stopped using borders in Instagram because I know I usually want to print them. 

I'm loving the 4x4 prints and I send them to Snapfish which is my favorite for printing. I always upload at full resolution and I do not click the button where I want them to color correct (in the uploading process). I correct all of that in Picasa before I upload them.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions, let me know!